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Hello, I'm Chelsea!

I'm a Boston-based food photographer & founder of The Weekly Treat LLC.
My photos are all shot on a Sony alpha 6000 and with natural lighting.

Grabbing a coffee, drinks after work, studying (with brain fuel), a first date, an anniversary, holidays, birthdays, potlucks, whatever the occasion is we both know that food is more than what we consume! Food is an event, it's a memory, it's connection.
Food photography can highlight the dishes you've created and capture the energy of your food, restaurant, or cafe.

“Food is an event,
it's a memory,
it's connection.”

I grew up just outside of Detroit, MI and moved to Boston after college where I work as a molecular biologist. The pandemic gave us all a lot of down time which is when I threw myself into baking. I created Weekly Treat on Instagram to share those bakes with others in a Covid19-friendly way and very quickly fell in love/became obsessed with food photography.

Let's work together to capture the energy of your food and space!

To discuss photography needs,
Email: chelsea@theweeklytreat.com
Instagram: @weeklytreat

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