A tray of lemon bars are dusted with powdered sugar, three lemons are placed in the back left corner of the frame near a white cloth napkin.A strawberry, rosewater popsicle lays on a black background surrounded by roses and strawberriesA milk bar cake sits on a cake stand on a black table near 2 small dessert plates. On top of the dessert plates is a cake serving spatula.

Unwinding from the work grind with a weekly treat. Or two...

As a scientist with a nearly insatiable sweet tooth, baking has been somewhat of a natural hobby of mine (what is baking if not edible science, amirite?)

Lame jokes aside, I created The Weekly Treat initially to share my bakes with the world and what started as a love for baking very quickly became a passion for food photography as well.

So... welcome! Welcome to my page. I'm happy you're here.

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